Belly dance Amsterdam

Have you always wanted to try belly dance? Please join a try out class!

A student: "Just after a few lessons I felt more flexible and I started to lose weight. My endurance has improved and I'm enjoying sports again. I feel feminim and even sexy. When I look in the mirror I don't feel uncomfortable anymore. I'm glad I took the step to have a try out class. Belly dancing changed me in a very positive way." 

Most students at Sarah Raks studio dance recreational but for ambitious ladies there are higher levels up to professional. Classes are for ladies only and wearing a short top is no must. The school has a variety of small groups with different levels. Ladies are welcome to join with -or without dancing experience, of any age, body type and cultural background.  

Classes will be given on Monday and Tuesday. 

Every class is an intense full body workout. Do you hate going to the gym? Try belly dance!


Buikdans Amsterdam

Would you like private classes? Sarah could help you with:

- Technique
- Musicality
- Choreography
- Improvisation
​- Performance

Please contact for more info or to book a try out class.


The 80 minute classes are given after working time. The studio is centrally located in Amsterdam East, in a walking distance from Muiderpoort train station. A try out class costs €15. Please get in contact for the actual schedule, prices and the adress.